New Video Book Project

Thought I’d hop in here quick to say, I’ve a bunch of irons in the fire, and so many projects waiting. Now that I’ve gotten into making videos with PowerPoint, I’m spending a good deal of time with it–addicting fun! I’ve learned more of the features of the program, which makes me wish I had experimented more with my first video. But, hey, this one will be great!

It’s a video story book, of about 50 frames or so. Four frames are intro and end matter. You know, where I thank you for watching the video, ask you to visit my site and go check out my ebook, Dalton’s Last Stand, at Amazon, Barnes and Noble, iBooks, Kobo, and Kobo Plus. And then I tell you my print edition is coming out some time this summer or early fall. The story is called Babies and Toddlers, lasts about 22ish minutes. It’ll be up on YouTube in a day or two. I’m still playing with timing and pictures . . . text.

I hope it goes viral! Big dreams, big dreams!

I’ll be working on some book trailers after this. But I plan to do a few of this picture book videos for the younger readers. Maybe I’ll do A Purrfect Napping Spot as one . . . Hmmmmm!

Stay tuned!

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