Updates on my projects

Can you believe it’s July already? I was so sure I’d have all these thing finished by now. Buuuut, they ain’t.

The Babies & Toddlers & Other Little Ones vid-book is in the final draft mode. The two biggest things hanging that up is syncing the audio with the images. I’m not sure I like where each music segment ends and the next begins. But maybe I’m just too much of a perfectionist. So far, the video runs about sixteen and a half minutes. Features images of my kids, my grandkids, and the kids of friends and relatives. And me . . .  I’ve learned a lot about  making videos with PowerPoint, and am having a lot of fun doing it. Which is the main reason nothing else is getting done. It’s just so much fun! I want to work on book trailers next.

The other thing is that I’m debating changing the title of Dalton’s Last Stand. I’m thinking it needs to bring Malley to the fore so people get it better. But, I’m having trouble coming up with something I like. So far I’ve gotten The Kingsley Twins and Snowshoe Mal and the Dalton Challenge. The Kingsley Twins Snowshoe Mal and Dalton’s Last Stand. Hmmm . . . Snowshoe Mal Meets the Dalton Challenge.

I’ll post the covers here. If you feel like voting on one or have a suggestion feel free to email or leave a comment. I’d ask my family for feedback, but since I’ll mostly get, “I don’t know . . . what do you think?” not much of a point to it.

Because of the title issue, this also puts the print version on hold. I would really like a different cat image but so far I haven’t found what I wanted, and finding an illustrator, well, that’s going to put the book further back. Partly for the expense, and partly for the time. Course, that part is just me being impatient. So, we’ll see. First, I have to settle the title issue.

Marooned is slowly getting edited. I had hoped to have that one done as well. If only I were twins . . . or triplets!! If I haven’t mentioned it yet, I did change the title on this one from The Scoville Tragedies to Devynn’s Dilemma. And I’ve started to brainstorm the next story in the series.  No working title as yet.

Then, of course, there’s my time travel novel . . . Should I just go with the original story, which would take less time to finish, or run with the expanded version, which adds a lot more action? Decisions, decisions, decisions . . .!’

Probably will run with the expanded version.

Well, I hope you’re all having a great weekend and a wonderful summer!



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