Marooned On Planet EARTH almost ready to roll out to the world!

I’m in the final stages of editing Marooned, and finalizing the cover. I’ve changed the title from The Scoville Tragedies to Devynn’s Dilemma. Also, since I couldn’t get the image I wanted to represent Thayne, I’ve changed his description in the book. Name finalization is in progress. I don’t know if I’m happy with everyone’s last names, or the spelling of some first names. I need to be happy with them now, or I won’t want to do a story using a character whose name I’ve decided I can’t live with.

I’ve taken a new interest in Goodreads and hope to find some readers there for the book and for Dalton’s Last Stand. I hope to be doing some promo for both books in the near future. Budget is on the skimpy side, so we’ll see.

I’ll be posting an updated first chapter here as well.

The Purrrfect Napping Spot is still getting attention. So thrilled about that! It’s a pretty popular download!