Babies and Toddlers Video Added

I’ve finally finisheBabies & Toddlers book cover with 4 pix of little onesd my vid-book as I’m calling it about babies, toddlers, and other little ones. I’ve always thought of four year-olds as toddlers, but I’ve recently changed my view on that. So, I changed the title of my video and the ebook to BABIES & TODDLERS & Other Little Ones so I could include some cute pics of kids older than a toddler, but under five. Thinking I might try to do a vid-book for each age group as I find and/or take pictures for those.

In any case, find BABIES in my Video Den. It’s about 17 minutes long. It’s internet quality, and comes from YouTube. I’ve discovered that that can mess up your video somewhat. So, expect some bumps in the music track, and possibly some image distortion in at least one place. None of that showed up in my originals. If ever I can find a fix for it . . . one that I can understand enough to make those fixes . . . I will attempt to do so.

I also will have a PDF of the Babies story for purchase shortly on the eBook Shelf, so watch for that!

I am intending to do more vid-books in the future, but they won’t be offered in their entirety for free as this one is. I’ll post a teaser version and list the full on the eBook Shelf along with its corresponding PDF.

As always, thanks for stopping by, and stay tuned for new things coming!


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