Bye, Bye eBook Shelf

Yep, bye, bye eBook Shelf.

I have decided to ditch the eBook Shelf because encrypting the site is expensive, and I’m sure people want their info secure. So, there’s no point in keeping it live when no one will actually purchase anything from it.

Since the book, and any I publish in future will be available in all the bookstores online, and from DreamWynd Publishing which is a more secure site, there’s no sense in offering them from my author site. I’ll post links to the various book sites when I get a free moment.

Should you decide to purchase a copy of the book at Amazon or iBooks, Nook, Barnes & Noble, or any other place, simply search for the book’s title, or for my name. Or you can use this link, and search this list.

Also, I would be so grateful if you would also leave a review once you’ve read the story (or stories). If even a few people would be so kind as to do that, it would be awesome. But so far, just one person has opted to take the time to do that.

The reason reviews are important is, of course to persuade other readers to take a chance delving into an author’s world. In this case, Mine! Too, when writers are trying to promote books and would love to use say, BookBaby or some other similar service to help with that, authors with less than ten reviews on Amazon will not be welcome to start a campaign with them. I don’t know if reviews from other sources count, I would hope so, but right now, there’s just the one on Amazon.

So . . . Dalton’s Last Stand needs 9 more reviews. So, I do beg of you dear readers . . . please, leave a fairly detailed, well thought out, constructive review for not only my work, but for any book you’ve read. It would be so much appreciated!

Until next time, have a great day!



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