Cover for the vid-book

Since I’ve been posting covers, I thought I’d post the cover for the vid-book, Babies and Toddlers. I ended up subtitling it, & Other Little Ones as some of the kids I used weren’t toddlers anymore. But, they were small enough to be in my VB, so that’s how I got around that issue. Someone at some point is bound to say, hey–that kid in in the last slide ain’t no toddler, and those two girls on the trike aren’t, either! Nope, but they are all under five, and that’s what counts for this project!

I was going to use another pen name for these picture book/video projects. Was a toss up between Neta Marie and Aneta Marie. My grandmother used to call me Neta – which at the time I hated, but I let her, and only her, get away with it. I happen to like the e for my name, and wish my father had thought of it since he liked the uncommon. Guess that’s where I get it! Just wish he’d used some of that creativeness back then!

After a soul search, though, I elected not to use a different name for stuff for little ones and early readers. Saves me from a few hassles – like a new website and domain name . . . Time and money there! I’ve got little of either to spare! So I’m keeping everything from babes to teens right here. And am keeping the common spelling of Anita. Mainly because I didn’t think to use it years ago when I started sending my stuff around to publishers . . . or uploading same to Amazon.

I’m getting a call to supper! Chicken and rice with chicken feet on the side so my son, Brett the Chef, says . . . Thinking not a chance to those toes! And new baby zucchini!

Here is the revamped cover:



Babies & Toddlers book cover with 4 pix of little ones

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