Dalton’s Last Stand On Sale For A Limited Time

Hello Dear Readers!

The summer is flying by, isn’t it? Kids will be going back to school very soon. Not that I have to worry about that anymore.

We haven’t done anything special this summer . . . except build an outdoor pizza oven in a friend’s backyard since we can’t do it here.  It’s not totally finished yet – rainy days are preventing the dome from getting done. Also, our house hunting days may be over! More about that later.

Speaking of moving – I’m moving the site to a new host, so if you happen to notice it not working . . . and I hope that doesn’t happen . . . that’s why. Some glitch has occurred which I hope would be fixed right off. Doing it mainly for the security factor. SSL being cheaper. Although I’ve learned I don’t need that really expensive certificate if I’m using PayPal or the like to process payments. Your personal info isn’t stored here on my site, but is kept on PayPal or whatever gateway is used. So, maybe I’ll offer the book/books for sale here again . . .

Book Cover For MalleyCat and Dalton's Last StandRight now, I want to tell you that MalleyCat and Dalton’s Last Stand is on sale at all online outlets until the end of September – or whenever I finally launch Devynn’s Dilemma. Still finalizing the cover and am now working with a graphics artist to that end. Also waiting on beta readers to get back to me.

So for the rest of the summer/early autumn, Malley is .99. After that the price will go back up to its original price of $3.75. I have some other changes in mind here, which I’ll post about when they’re ready to be revealed.

Well, I am off to visit my son and play the day away with my granddaughter. They spent July in Costa Rica, so we haven’t seen them for a while, except in photos.

Until next time, have a great day!


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