Editing is a long hard process . . .

And yet, I do enjoy it. For the most part. It can and does get tedious. You wish you could just say, “Enough! Get this puppy published! Pronto!”

But, alas . . . no. One or two more passes, and we’ll see.

Besides the Name Game issues, I’ve had to rethink some scenes, add some scenes, do a bit more research on military issues, and am now trying to decide if Zech and ZJ – twins – should realistically come home as mentally intact as they have for what they’ve been through.

I suppose some would have the fortitude to do it. I’m wanting them to be more or less okay that way. I’m sure they’ll have some flashbacks and nightmares from time to time, but nothing that debilitates them – too badly. However their brother will definitely have enough of those sorts of issues to go around for them all. He’s still in a coma at this moment. Won’t be waking up in this book. Maybe the next.

Happily the two beta readers didn’t seem to have a problem with Jon Jerard’s baby talk. Which wouldn’t have caused me to change it in the least if they had. Some things just aren’t gonna change, I don’t care what you say!

That’s just a little of what’s happening with this story right now.

Have I mentioned I wish I were twins . . . or triplets? I could get three books done at once!

Hope your weekend is going well and happy for you!





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