June Updates

Hello Friends!

Another cloudy day here and a bit chilly for June. Not that I’m really complaining mind you! But I wouldn’t mind it a touch warmer for this time of year.

I’ve gone through Devynn’s story another couple of times to make sure I caught most of the mistakes and such, and I think that I have. Yes, I know . . . get a professional edit. Well, my budget doesn’t allow for it, so I’ll take the time to keep at it until it’s pretty well polished. I believe it’s ready for beta readers. I’m hoping to have it up for launch by July or August.

I’ve reworked the cover and found the image I like for her mom, X’Laena.  When I revealed it on my blog at WritersForum, one of the members said she loved it which made me very happy! Here it is:


With this last run through, I realized I needed to do more fact checking for legal things so everything I’ve got happening is correct. The military mentions are correct as well. I spent considerable time on related web sites making sure what I wanted to occur actually could.

I’ve started to percolate ideas for the next book which for the moment is simply titled Daveenna. I’ll worry about a better one once I’m into the story for something better might jump out at me then. I’ve found a couple of images to represent her and who look as though they could be related to the girl I’m using for Devynn. Not sure if I’ll change anything but images on the covers of each story. I may leave everything about it the same except for images.

I can’t quite decide what sort of attitude she ought to have. She was given away at birth but not by her mom. So she might have mixed feelings if she was told anything at all about it. Or maybe she hasn’t been told a thing about it yet. Thinking her adoptive parents are going to meet with an untimely demise and none of the relatives want to be bothered with her and any other kids there may be. I haven’t decided yet if there are. I think there may be a couple others. In any case, they will all end up on the doorstep of Devynn’s Aunt X’Lohna and she and Daveenna’s dad, Zechariah Dzurilla will take them all in. I’m thinking that X’Lohna will likely be pregnant again at the same time, which will probably make for some conflict as well.

I want to figure out the back stories of some of Devynn’s friends so they can be the focus of the series after this story, although I might go back to Devynn for at least one more book. We’ll see. But I’ve decided I want someone to have a mom based on one of my friends who probably’d been a rather interesting mother. And I plan to have Tista’s mom actually get together with another of ZJ’s brothers, so the series will go on for a while.

Then, too, I would like to get that time travel finished. I’m not sure I’ll make that a series. Maybe. I’m not one of those authors who wants to churn out a book every couple of hours. Okay, that’s an exaggeration, obviously, but even if it’s every two or three weeks, can’t do it. I don’t feel the story turns out as well. Characters aren’t developed enough and the story often isn’t as tight as it could be. I wish it were that easy for me, but I’ll take my time and make sure I’m putting out a quality story. Can’t call it a masterpiece otherwise!

I’m thinking of reviewing some books here that I’ve read both recently and my past favorites. I’ll be a bit more frank here with that than I will be at Goodreads or Amazon. So look for that to come sometime in the near future.

I guess that’s it for now. Mundane household tasks call to me . . . if I decide to get up for those. My guys are off helping a friend with car trouble so I have the place to myself. I could decide the house can wait and toy with creating my first podcast. No one’s here to disturb me.

Hmmmm . . .





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