New host, new site, new beginning!

My site has been down for some weeks do to a hacker attack. I didn’t know a thing about it actually until I decided to move my sites to a different host. The kind soul who’d offered to transfer the site to the new host for me discovered the hacking.

So, I was forced to abandon my old site and begin anew. Some aspects will be done in a similar manner as the old site. But others will be new. It’ll take time to rebuild, but I am looking forward to having the site pretty much back to normal in a couple of days.

I have rounded up some of my youngest son’s stories that he wrote when he was in grade school and one or two of one of my nephew’s stories. I hope to find some talented young writers along the way and to post their stories here as inspiration for others to want to read and write.

In the past, I have spoken in classrooms and at a couple of writers’ workshops about writing, writing as a career and independent publishing. I have to say I did thoroughly enjoy it although I haven’t done it in a while. Perhaps I will get back into it when I can arrange my schedule for it.

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