New Story in Downloads

Just uploaded a new story to the Downloads section, A Purrrfect Napping Spot.

I wrote the story around the crazy places I’ve found my cats napping over the years. I kept each animal’s real name in the story; the rest of the cast are made up.

I’ll be uploading the story to Amazon where I’m forced to charge .99 until the story’s been out in other bookstores for a while for free. Then I can go ask Amazon to feature it for free as well. In any case, it’s free here! Both EPUB and MOBI formats.

Here’s a little summary:

Zacq, the Smiths’ silver gray cat, is in search of the best place to have a nap. But finding one is a challenge since the other pets of the family are looking for a napping spot too.

Where will Zacq finally find his spot? In the kitchen? In the basement? Mom’s bedroom or Braedyn’s?

Or somewhere else?


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