Wilson’s Work



Wilson was nine years old when he wrote these little stories. Like Quenton, he’s grown and not writing as much as he did back when. Please enjoy his fun tales!

Sliding Down The Hill

Sliding down the hill with my cousin Bret and my brother Anthony!
I screamed out for joy!
It was fun!
It was fun!
When I slid down I felt the cold wind . . .
It was fun

Velociraptor In Hiding

I was up in New York. I saw some velociraptor eggs. They were whitish brown and bumpy like a tire.
I saw a sign with velociraptor scratches. It warned, “Don’t go into the long grass!”
It was scary!
Velociraptors might hide in long grass.
My friend Tristan tried to scare me. He ran away from me.
Tristan pretended to be a velociraptor. He hid in bamboo and screeched like an owl.
I was scared.
I was so scared, I was frozen.
When I called to him, he just squeaked some more.
It was scary.
But Tristan came back for me.
I ran to him and shook his hand.
Tristan is a good friend.

Just for the record, Wilson’s good friend Tristan is also “Bret’s” older brother, so he is Wilson’s cousin, too. Wilson and his brothers, Anthony and Derek, used to come up and spend their school vacations with us when they were younger. I miss those days!

We’re letting the misspellings of their names stand in the stories. Actually, the spellings are Tristen and Brett. One day they’ll educate him on that . . .